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People say that winning in a casino, no matter if it's a real one or an online casino is purely a matter of luck. You can't do anything that will improve the odds and make you win at games like keno or slots, if you are lucky you will win, if not, you will waste your money and leave without profits.

But a new research says otherwise - the winning odds in different casino games are changing according the time the game is being played. For example, the odds of winning in the keno game are higher in 50 percents in the summer. The researchers can't really explain why does people are so unlucky in the other seasons but you can't argue with facts.

Psychiatrist claim that it might be connected to the overall feeling of the average man in the different seasons, winter often gives a melancholic mood and maybe it affect the karma and the chances of winning in games that are all about luck. Another fact from the research that can support this theory is the fact that the winning odds in a casino are also higher in day hours comparing night hours. The night, just like winter is something dark, sad and melancholic while day light gives life, sun and better mood.


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